Limo Hire Doncaster, Doncaster limos 07951 740163.

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H200 Hummerzine Limo 01302 339441.

Hummer Limo Hire on Doncaster.

This is our fully legal 16 passenger Hummer Limo.  Fully licenced and insured for up to 16 passengers for "Hire and Reward"

When you pay to travel in a vehicle it must be licenced!

It sounds a bit obvious because you would expect a taxi, coach or bus to be properly licenced as a matter of course. After all, you wouldn't get in a taxi at night if you knew it wasn't licenced. Limousines are no different.

This is the only Limousine in Doncaster licensed to carry more than 8 passengers.

The Hummer limo with the "Wow" factor! What you see here is what you get. 

The interior of our 16 Passenger, H200 Hummerzine.